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Our Rums

We blend pure carribean sugar cane spirit with only natural ingredients to create intensely flavoured rums. Always hand crafted in small batches, we never add colours or flavours.

We balance all of our Rums to be perfect for sipping straight, as well as mixing into your favourite drinks



SteamBoat Overproof Rum

Our Proper, Traditional Naval Rum. 55% abv and with a rich, deep bitter taste.

We use nothing in the recipe except our fine Carribbean cane spirit, molasass and just a touch of cane sugar for balance.

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Honeyed Rum

We blend Suffolk wildflower honey form our local Risbridge Apiary with our prime caribbean sugar cane spirit. We add just a touch of warm spice to give our drink the perfect balance. We love sipping Richer Honeyed Rum ICE COLD, straight from the freezer. Also great mixed with Tonic - yes, tonic! 

Richer CACAO RUM.jpg


Punch Au Rhum Cacao

Our Chocolate Rum Liqueur.

We work with local chocolatiers to extract incredible flavours from the cacao husk they would otherwise discard.

Deep, rich, chocolatey and yummy. We love to sip straight or shake with coffee as an expresso martini.

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Christmas Spiced Rum

Christmas in a glass!

Our Christmas Pudding Rum smells just like Christmas and tastes just like Christmas pudding. Its the maturation with the dried fruits, peel, dark sugars and spice that give the incredible depth of flavour. We recommend sipping straight, preferable with carols or a movie and a warm log fire.

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