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Our Gins

Always produced in small batches, combining premium spirit with local produce, our aim is to extract the most intense and vibrant flavours from fresh local ingredients.

We never add artificial colours and flavours.

We love foraging for the local in season ingredients, or working with local fruitiers to reduce carbon footprint.

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Our Signature Gin. 

We infuse our premium spirit with juniper, fresh cucumber and a top note of fresh watermelon.

Light, refreshing and quintessentially British. 

Perfect for a  summer's afternoon, as the ultimate G&T



Sloe Gin

Hand picked Newmarket Sloes, aged with premium gin and sugars in the traditional way. The key secret to great sloe gin is in selecting the right fruit and having enough patience. Our current batch of Sloes were picked on Devils Dyke in October 2022 and aged with premium gin for 6 months before bottling.


Orange Gin

To create an intense orange flavour we dry and flame the Orange peels we source from local fruit juicers. This creates an incredible aroma and flavour as the burnt oils are released. We produce at two strengths; a 30% abv sipping liqueur - intensely orange, not oversweet - and a 37.5% gin, also perfect for mixing.

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Rhubarb Gin

We use a special process to extract an extra intense flavour from our locally grown Rhubarb. Mixed or straight, both will knock you out with the intense rhubarb hit.


Blackberry Blush Gin

Created to make the perfect blush gin and tonic!

The fresh blackberries infusion gives a delicate pink and beautiful light berry backdrop to your favourite long drink - designed to complement rather than dominate. It also makes a rather amazing Martini!

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